Paleo Food List

Paleo Food List


These are a few items I keep on hand in my pantry and refrigerator at all times:

Refined Coconut Oil (for cooking)
Unrefined Coconut Oil (for coffee)
-Avocado Oil Eggs (Usually about 4 dozen)
-Avocado (Some ripe, some green)
-Frozen Green Vegetables (Asparagus, green beans)
-Various meats (Do what is BEST for your budget)
-Canned Green Beans (no sodium, no additives)
-Canned Tomato Paste (With JUST tomato pulp)
-Canned Crushed Tomato (With JUST salt and Tomato)
-KerryGold Butter (Unsalted for bulletproof coffee)
-Sweet mini Peppers
-Spices and herbs
-Coconut flour
-Almond Flour
-Coconut flakes (for making coconut milk)
-Dates Nuts (raw almond and cashews)
-Nut butters (Our favorite is Artisana Cashew Butter)
-Fresh fruits

Thanks for reading my list. I realize that for some hardcore Paleo followers this list would not be 100% compliant. My philosophy is do what you CAN with your budget! We try to buy the best meats and most natural items we can within our budget.  Happy Shopping!

**What would YOU add to this list that you consider a Paleo “must have”?

Article Name
Paleo Food List
Paleo food list of refrigerator and pantry items to keep on hand for the Paleo diet!


    • <3 Jennifer says:

      Hey Lisa! I am not sure exactly what fractionated coconut oil is, but we get our coconut oil from tropical traditions! I will be having a giveaway for a 32 ounce container soon! Stay tuned!

  1. Marlene says:

    I am just getting started with the paleo life style, I am super excited. I have read literature for days, did some start up shopping yesterday…I came across your site..I am really comforted by it, you are a real person with real life long healthy goals…Thank you for all your insight. I look forward to reading more. If you have any specific starter advise. I would love to read it 🙂


  2. Jaime says:

    Just getting started with this myself. You look amazing since you started! I’m anxious to try your recipes! Thanks for posting this blog!


  3. Mistie says:

    So happy to have found your blog with all the great recipes! I’m starting paleo tomorrow. I’m nervous & excited! Thanks for posting your a great inspiration!

    • Jenn H says:

      We love cumin!! Have you tried my salsa verde pulled pork? I put cumin and green salsa in it and it is wonderful!! We throw it on top of shredded cabbage and eat it up!

  4. Nicole says:

    My fiancé and I were just out in the paleo diet and your website is helping me think of ideas for food. At this point I’m just cooking meat and steaming veggies and I know him and I are going to get bored of this.

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