Paleo Adult Lunch #10


Paleo Adult Lunch contents: salami, boiled eggs, sweet peppers, blackberries, and Olove olives!

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Paleo Adult Lunch Box
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  1. Haley says:

    Hey! I am new to the whole paleo idea, but wouldn’t salami not be paleo? I am curious about the whole idea of paleo is why I am asking

    • <3 Jennifer says:

      Hi Haley! Welcome to my blog. You are correct. For the most part ANY processed meat is not TRUE paleo. However, I buy summer sausage and salami that is very minimally processed and nitrate free! The lunches are really hard to do sometimes without the dried/cured meats! I hope you enjoy your Paleo journey! I feel better and am down 40 pounds! Please come back and visit Poor Paleo anytime!

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